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With a lifelong interest in Star Wars, Dan Mayer took an interest in the business side of selling toys in the early 1990s.

In the mid-1990s, there was a resurgence in Star Wars popularity as its 20th anniversary approached.  The first collection of toys Dan bought was with $40 of the $60 he had. By doing shows here and there, the business quickly grew from that first $40 investment.

In 1996, he left college to pursue his dream of being in the toy business.  He started out by leasing a corner of space within a store in RI Mall.

Star Wars toys began flying off the shelf and the demand was growing daily.  Soon, Dan would be selling other toy lines, including Transformers and GI Joe.  With the demand for more toys came the need for more space: that corner of the store would become a section of the store. 

In January 1998, he opened his first retail location in Smithfield, RI. That summer, he began selling on Ebay.  

In 2001, Dan returned to the RI Mall, opening a retail location in the storefront where he had once leased a section of space.

In 2003, a second Toy Vault location would open at Emerald Square Mall in MA.

In 2009, the third location would open at Crystal Mall in CT. 

In 2010, the RI Mall location moved over to the Warwick Mall, becoming the company's largest location. 

In 2011, the warehouse location in Greenville, RI opened.

In 2014, the company began selling on Amazon; and the massive increase in online sales necessitated opening an additional warehouse in 2015.

Also in 2015, Toy Vault Games opened in Warwick, RI.

2016 marked the opening of the 5th company location in the Dartmouth Mall, MA. 

From just Dan and 1 box of toys in 1995, The Toy Vault now employs 30 people in 5 retail locations and 2 warehouses.